A New Journey

I want to invite you to walk with me. Together, we are going to explore what God has for Christ Church Exmouth. As we start a new journey, probably, you have your own thoughts and ideas about what it is the best path. This is all well and wonderful, however, let us consider for a second that the Lord may have different plans. Our desires and expectations, even when they are godly and sound, are not necessarily God's for our church family.

There is a desire for new things and greater things to happen. Some may expect changes, others may worry about what changes I am going to make. This is a common thing in our hearts. At the end of the day, you have been waiting for the arrival of the new minister. I know the best way to move forward in confidence, is to walk together. This may be too slow for some, and too fast for others! I understand these fears, but one thing I can reassure you is that we will make this journey as a family.

There is a necessary warning to be aware of: nothing is more dangerous than allowing our fears or unbelief to stop us fulfilling God's purpose. Israel learned this hard lesson through a life-time's journey in the desert before they were able to cross over to the Promised Land.

This is why I invite you to walk together with me. Let us have faith, and learn from each other, as we stand firm holding the faithful Word. Together in faith for the things to come as we live and share the amazing love of God.

Be assured, this is a new day. Last Sunday, we took the first step, and I encourage you to read the book of Joshua in the coming weeks, as I share with you what the Lord has been speaking to me about over the past six months.

Keep praying for me, as I pray for you. I am here if you need to talk with me anytime.

Bishop Josep Rosselló


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