Christ is Risen!

Christ Church is celebrating Holy Week during this week. It is time to think and learn more about the central events of the Christian faith.

Next Sunday, 21st April will be my first sermon at Christ Church. "Christ is risen! He is risen indeed". It's such a great phrase to start our worship with at Easter. It should be the greatest thing we think about this week and every day of our lives. We need to remind ourselves of this because there will be many times in our lives we are helpless.

Whether we face difficulties, problems, and challenges beyond imagination, we will be tempted to believe that this is the end, as we face the darkest hour in our lives. We will be tempted to believe that is over, it is all over....but that could not be further from the truth!

As Mary Magdalene walked to the tomb she became the very first one to witness that Jesus had conquered death. Jesus not only conquered death for Himself, but He now gives that victory back to you through faith in Christ. And now, just like Jesus, all believers in Christ have the promise of eternal life, now and here. Christ's resurrection from the dead is now your promise of eternal life, we must assure such life has started already in our lives as disciples of Christ. We should live lives in fullness, without fear. We are called into a new journey with Christ. A new resurrection life that starts today into eternity.

May we today, and every day of our lives, shout with joy that "Christ is risen! He is risen indeed."

Bishop Josep Rosselló


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