Be Strong and Courageous

In the coming weeks, I will make available more resources to train, prepare and equip all of you in God's purpose for your life, the CCE family, and the churches in Exmouth. I pray that they will be helpful in our journey together.

Last Sunday, I mentioned how Israel went into the wilderness after being unwilling to follow God's purpose in their lives, and because they put their trust more in men's thoughts. As a result, after the exodus from Egypt, they found themselves taking a long journey in the wilderness for 40 years as they were too fearful to go into the land God had promised them.

Since the previous generation had almost all died, including Moses, God instructed them to cross the Jordan and take the land. He said, “Be strong and courageous … for the Lord is with you wherever you go.” As you listen to my talk again ask yourself:

  • What obstacles are causing you to go round in circles and what has God said to you to do?
  • In what areas has God told you to be strong and courageous, reminding you he is with you?
  • What steps of faith do you need to take?
  • What are the good things to remember in the last six months and six years? What did God do and what did God say?

Christ Church has started a new journey. This means we are going to go into the unknown. Let us not be scared, or fear the unknown. Let us raise our faith and believe the visions and dreams that the Lord has for us.

I want to invite you to take some time to read the CHURCH VISION booklet again. Think through what God has been saying in the last few years, from the time the prophetic word was given (2015) until the Church Vision was written last year. At the same time, ask God what your part in this Vision is and how you may be able to help other people to be part of this Vision and Christ Church.

The journey has begun... and the unknown will be revealed in the coming months and years.

Let us seek the Lord and trust in His guidance for our lives together.

Bishop Josep Rosselló


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