We Are All Called to Serve the Lord

Since I arrived at Christ Church, it has been one of my priorities and privileges to meet with the leaders of the various ministries within our church to see what they and their teams do. This has helped me better grasp the length and breadth of our work, as a family. I have not been able to meet with all of them yet, but I hope to do so in the coming weeks.

The Lord has raised the Christ Church family to serve Him in various capacities. Not only within our church family, but also in other ministries in the area. This is such a gift; Christ Church is living and sharing the amazing love of God. This is a path that we should explore further. In fact, we should start asking ourselves, how we are fulfilling the Christ Church Commitment in our lives, both personally and corporately. This could help us to discover new ways to serve Him and direct the conversations about the future.

It is just too easy to forget God’s purpose. The demands of our daily life push us in other directions. If we don’t remind ourselves of our mission, we may rest assured, that our focus will easily move away from God’s calling. It does not take much.

This reminds me of when I tried to lose weight. I was doing great, but it took only one day to break my diet, and soon I was back to my old habits. I did not return to my diet until people helped me to abandon my old habits and remind me of my goals. Our spiritual life is the same. This is why we must be there for each other. It is key that we encourage our church family to be faithful to the Christ Church Vision. Let us be a people willing to encourage each other, creating an environment where each other's gifts are welcomed.

As I have spoken with the leaders and teams at Christ Church, I have seen there is an urgent need for even more hands in our ministry. If you are being called by God to be more involved in God's work at Christ Church, please do not delay in committing this to prayer. I realise that some of you already are doing more than we should be asking of you. Please, don’t feel that you should be doing more, because you should not. As a Minister, I pray that you feel free to do what God calls you to do, nothing else.

My passion is to equip, train and release God’s people to love the Lord and serve the world. However, I don’t want to do that on my own. I could not do it. This is the reason why the Leadership Team is key. The Leadership Team work together to bring Christ Church to a place where all of us are called to be faithful in the areas where God calls us.

My dearest brothers and sisters, if you feel God is calling you to step up to serve Him, I encourage you to be bold and move forward in such a call. If you do not feel ready to do what you know God wants you to do, please, come to talk to me or to one of the Leadership Team. We want to equip and prepare you for your future role. Each member is part of the family, and as a family we should be concerned about each other well-being. This is easier said than done, but it can be done if we stand together.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Bishop Josep Rosselló


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