How's Your Prayer Life?

Prayer should be as natural as breathing, however, it is not for many believers. Jonathan Edwards helps us to understand it when he said,
"Prayer seemed to be natural to me, as the breath by which the inward burnings of heart had vent." -Jonathan Edwards
Prayer is part of being a follower of Jesus. It comes out of our own relationships with Jesus, It can be painful at first to pray as it is for a child to breath for the first time. Then, it is part of our own life. We are filled with the Spirit of Intercession.

If the Holy Spirit dwells in you, then praying is going to happen more and more. The two are inseparable. However, it’s possible to quench the Spirit of God and embrace the heavy burdens of this world and human philosophy to find answers.

The Apostle Paul writes, “Do not quench the Holy Spirit” (1 Thessalonians 5:18). If you connect the dots, you can begin to diagnose your spiritual condition by the frequency and urgency in your prayers. If they are lacking, then you may be in danger to take the wrong turn without even realising. On the other hand, if you are seeking the Spirit of God, then your prayer life will be ablaze with passion and, even, power.

It only takes someone to breathe on those coals to ignite the fire again! God is the Breath of Life and He is hovering over you right now, longing to breathe on you and reignite the once burning flames of love. Just ask (see Matthew 7:7-8)!

Most likely, if you are reading this, your prayer life is far from being in ashes. You’re probably hungry for more and more of God. I want to encourage you to spread that passion around today. Go out and ignite others for Christ (see Luke 11:33).


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