Will You Still Worship?

If your Minister leaves the church?
If the Worship Team is absent?
If you are in prison?
If God says No!
When in Pain?
When broke?
When God gives you what you have been asking for?
When facing rejection?
When do your friends stop calling you?
When broken?
When you don't get that promotion?
When God is silent?
When your plans are thwarted?

In the worst of circumstances, or the best of circumstances, WILL YOU STILL WORSHIP GOD?

In Acts 16:25 Paul and Silas worshiped God in prison.

In 2 Chronicles 18:19 King Jehoshaphat turns to worship while faced with adversity in life.

In Job 1:20–21, Job worships God in pain and loss

In all you do today, remember worship IS A VERB, A lifestyle. It is NOT a church, It is not a day of the week, it is not a group of people, it is not a slow song! Submitting, honor and obey God

Our situations do not change who God is, He IS GOD OVERALL! For that simple fact alone, we ought to worship Him!


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