Who is God? - Creating an Evangelical Worldview

The journey of a Christian starts and ends in God. I am constantly reminded of how important it is to have a clear idea about the LORD. Otherwise, funny ideas come into our minds and it disturbs our beliefs. Believe determine the way that we live and go around in our daily life. This is why we have the old saying, “walk the walk, don’t talk the walk.”

If we desire to create a clear worldview rooted in the Gospel, we must consider the worldview presented in the Bible. The Bible starts with a clear assumption, “In the beginning, GOD…” The question is now to consider “Who God is this God?” How a person thinks about it and answers this question is key to how they will see the world and live their life.

If you are a Christian, you will agree with what the Bible says about who God is. He has revealed Himself to us. It is so important to trust God and to agree with his Word. Thus, let us see what the bible reveals about Him:

God is the Creator of all things (Is. 45:18-19; Jer. 32:17); Sovereign over the Universe (Ps. 103:19); All-Powerful (Gen. 17:1; Matt. 19:26); All-Knowing (I John 3:20; John 21:17); the Giver of life (Ps. 36:9; 104:27-30). He is also holy, righteous, just, gracious, merciful, and loving. How do you consider what this means for your life and your family?

Let me say that it starts with a basic thing, He has saved us from our own sins (Rom. 5:8) and rescue from the dominion of Satan (cf. II Tim. 4:1) by grace through faith in Christ. Therefore, we are set free to live our whole life in Christ and for Christ.

It is too easy to build a worldview based on human thoughts. However, the Evangelical Worldview should be a joyful proclamation that the world came from God and, thus, the way we approach our world starts with God. It is necessary to learn to see society and our nation through God’s eyes. As we look to what He has said in His Word, we find an absolutely reliable source of truth (2 Timothy 3:16) that opens a clear understanding of all kinds of issues of life, economics, social and, even spiritual.

It will be a mistake to consider God for granted, as we go on with our lives. God is the Creator and the Sovereign Lord over all the nations. This revealed truth is the reason we even exist. This releases a clear understanding of God’s purpose and plans in our lives. You see if we understand His plan, then we can have the confidence to trust in Him, even when things are hard and things do not seem to make sense any longer. Knowing His love and promises give hope in the darkest hour. Studying His Word gives us direction, and this is one of the main reasons we should be more active in reading the Scriptures. How we view God impacts how we view life and the world around us more than you could imagine. This is why we should remain ourselves to place God at the centre of our lives (Acts 17:24-28).

Bishop Josep Rossello, CCE Minister


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