Christian friendship - Creating an Evangelical Worldview

Friendship is a treasure. I think having friends is one of the things that make life worth living, as we share life together. It is not always easy to make or to have friends. Life is too often eclectic. Christ Church should be a place to meet other believers and build fellowship, start new friendships, and share life together. As new people come to our Sunday Service, I want to invite you to consider making time and talk with them.

As I am writing about friendship, let us consider the role of Christian friendship. We must recognize the influence people have on us. Let’s see what Scripture says.

Scripture tells us what a friend should and should not be. In other words, a friend should be one that helps us to grow into godly perspective on life (Prov. 13:20); build up each other (Prov. 27:17) and be there to help and support (Ecc. 4:9-12). On the other hand, he should not be an influence to do sinful things (I Cor. 15:33); draw us away from God (James 4:4); or hinder our walk with the Lord (II Tim. 4:14-16).

The value of friendship goes beyond saying. A good friend can be such useful support in today’s world. Believers, in particular, should have an inseparable unity that serves as a

support for one another. In times of discouragement or temptation, a friend can direct us toward hope. As we seek out godly friends, we must also keep in mind that we may be just the friend that someone else needs as well (Prov. 18:24).

As we approach life, we must recognize that the views and attitudes of those around us can easily come to conflict with ours. Our lives are often formed by the things that we like, love and consider dear to us. Because of this, we must be wise and calm. It also means that we must be prepared to face our world as a leader rather than a follower.

In our world, we will find all sorts of people, some of whom we will consider friends. As we look at those friendships, we must be sure we are impacting them, and they are impacting us, in a way that honours and pleases God.

Sincerely yours in the Lord,

Bishop Josep Rossello, CCE Minister


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