God Reveals | Devotional

Text: Psalm 104.1-9

Today we begin a new devotional series called “Disclosure”. In the coming days, we will look at how God reveals himself to us and what it means for our life. Psalm 104 is a good place to begin discovering God’s heart to make himself known through all of creation. This is what it is known as Natural Revelation.

If you look around, you will see so much beauty. God formed the earth and all of creation. The earth was created to echo the heavens. The Lord God created the world which reflects His beauty and character enabling our souls to feel the magnificence of His power, glory and beauty. He is good and wants to have a closer friendship with you and me.

Creation features in every aspect of God. Look at the skies, the heavens declare God’s splendour. The mountains point to His majestic presence. The oceans declare the Lord’s immensity and the waters (rivers and seas) tell of His creativity. The flowers and the colour of the trees proclaim His beauty and attention to detail. If we look closer to home, the human genome shows God’s masterful engineering in the smallest of all details.

God wants us to discover Him. He wants to walk with us in the garden again. Have you noticed that it is so much easier to pray, as we walk through His creation? All around us speaks about the Lord our God. Exploring creation should bring us closer to Him, in a deeper way, because it reveals the creativity, diversity and beauty of the Father. His handiwork draws us to Him.

As we embark upon this new series, let us take time to consider how God reveals himself in nature. Be specific and consider everything from the stars in the sky to the people around you. Don’t rush. Get a journal and write your list slowly, thoughtfully, and worshipfully as you allow yourself to be amazed by God. And when you’ve finished, spend a few minutes thanking the Lord. He is with you, right now.

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