Providence | Devotional

Text: Psalm 104.10-23

Psalms is one of the biblical books that communicates much about God. In Psalms you will find songs and prayers of God’s people. We have been reading Psalm 104. This psalm is a beautiful song composed around the subject of God’s creation. Today, we are going to consider God as the Creator that provides and sustains all of the universe.

Gardening is a way to create beauty around us. Consider God as a gardener, and you will begin to draw a beautiful picture of the One that creates, provides and sustains. God created the most amazing garden that will ever exist. Not only that, He also made the heavens and the earth.

He cares for the world. The Lord brings rain to the planet that in turn becomes springs, rivers and seas, and provides waters for the faunas of the earth (verses 10-14). He provides and sustains both for His people and for the animals (verses 10-14), and all things come together to create a daily rhythm of life and rest ( verses 19-23).

The Lord wants to bring joy in all that He does. The psalms say, “wine that makes human hearts glad—making his face shine with oil—and bread that sustains human hearts” (Psalms 104:15). You can see how significant the human heart is for God. It is mentioned twice, along with anointing oil. He desires that we discover His blessings through creation. God invites us to enjoy nature. It is an act of worship when God is at the centre of it all. Rejoice and be glad that the Lord is in the world around us.

I want to invite you to take a few minutes to write reasons to be grateful to God. It may be a prayer of thanksgiving for God’s provision and providence in your life, points of praise for all of His goodness, or about how the Lord has blessed your life. Be as specific as possible and take time to think through your day. Hopefully, this will open your eyes to see God’s hand of blessing in every provision you receive.

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