Waiting upon the Lord

Bible Reading - John 11:1-43

God often creates unique circumstances in our lives to grow our faith. It may come as a surprise, although it should not. The Lord God is deeply interested in the state of our soul. He works in your life in ways that you may not understand; however, it does not differ from our natural growth.

My daughter often feels a sharp pain in the legs days before he would grow. The pain is her body working to be ready for physical growth. The same may be said of the spiritual growth of our soul.

There is a lesson to learn as we wait for the growth to occur in our life. However, waiting has never come easy. We ask the Lord to intervene in our situations, as pain and chaos seems to take control of our circumstances. It may be a relationship beyond repair, an illness, a profound sadness for the lost one, or it could be a job loss or a dream that we must let it go. We wait and wait... and wait a little bit more.

Mary and Martha waited for their friend, Jesus. He was the One who could save Lazarus. They expected him to come quickly. He was His friend. However, days went by, and there were not signed of Jesus, anywhere.

I wonder if Martha and Mary often stared down to the road leading to their house, expecting to see Jesus.

In such times, there is a choice to make by all: to grow spiritually and closer to God or deny God and reject Him. It does not come easy. It is a choice that we make daily, as we wait for God's answer.

Today, let us consider God's wisdom as we wait for the Lord. Let us pray for daily strength and spiritual growth in our lives. Let us move closer to Jesus with confidence, even when we look, and we don't see Jesus, yet.

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