Love beyond imagination

Bible Text - John 1.1-14

Young people are in search of true love. We may think back, and remember when we were looking for the first time our spouses and think if he/she was the one. Love is something that we desire and thirst for. True love is hard to find today. We see reflections of love, but real love is a precious gift.

We have read in the last couple of weeks about the God who reveals Himself to us. The perfect revelation of God is Jesus the Christ, who is both fully man and fully God. This is the single most significant revelation of God because God becomes a man. God—who created man—becomes a man, and live in with us.

We are so familiar with Jesus being fully man and fully God that we forget the Lord God became a man. Jesus is the perfect and pure love beyond imagination. The world never has seen, neither will see, another greater love.

We celebrate Christmas a couple of weeks, although it seems long ago; because we desire to remember and celebrate the essence of love. God has to die for us to live. He had to give His life in return for ours. Jesus is human, but he never stops being God. Through Him, we discover the love, grace, healing, mercy, and joy of the Father. There is no love like him.

He knew where we were going to be today. He knew it was essential that He walked on the earth. He identified with us and, in doing so, gave His life for our salvation. The Creator of humankind became a man to rescue us for eternal death and the sin of the world. This is love!

I invite you to listen to Chris Tomlin’s song, “Jesus Son of God.” Think about what you hear and rejoice with God’s love. He has not abandoned us, He is here, next to you.

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