Real Assurance

Bible Reading - Hebrews 4.15-16

Jesus was not another King. He was a king that identified with His people. Jesus knew what it was happening and was determined to help us. In doing so, He did not try to come as a higher overall. The Lord became one of us. He underwent the same things: troubles, temptations and pain. Identifying himself with humankind.

Jesus was a different kind of king for those found in the world. Not only because he identified with us, but also he understands each one of us, personally. Earthly Kings and Rulers speak about their people; however, they are in another class.

God knew we need it a Saviour. It was going to be impossible, otherwise. He sent His best, God’s only Son. Jesus understands He was one os us because He laid his life.

His love is what gives us the real assurance that we can approach the throne of grace. We are not alone when we come closer to the Father. We must not fear, because we have Jesus, who is our representative. He intercedes in our behalf, understanding our dilemma and being the answer to our circumstances.

Everyday life leads us away from each other. It is not always easy to face alone our fears and worries. The good news is that we don’t need to be alone or lonely. Jesus relates and knows our predicament, and He came to help us overcome by His grace and love that reaches us.

I want to invite you to come with real assurance to God’s Throne. Don’t be afraid, but be confident. He wants to hear our requests and needs, we can bring even our most challenging prayer. Take time today to come to God’s presence and ask for his help and guidance.

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