“Glory to God in the highest heaven, and peace on earth to people he favours!” (Luke 2:14)
I have always wondered how the shepherds felt hearing such an incredible declaration of God’s favour upon His people. Here they were in Bethlehem, doing their job on the same night that Jesus was born. Without warning, the angels declared the fulfilment of various prophesies and the promise to Israel was realised: the Messiah (Christ) was born, after a long time awaiting His arrival.

A child was born that was the King and the Anointed One. Not just any King, also a High Priest and the Good Shepherd. Jesus birth was the fulfilment of the promise given to Adam and Eve in the garden. The descendant/seed of the woman would strike the head of the snake. Jesus birth instilled fear in the enemy. It signalled that his time is near, and brief. He has not stopped trying to kill, steal and destroy, causing confusion and conflicts all over the world, but His time is nearing an end.

The birth of Jesus is the victory of the Trinity. The Father sent His Son and the Holy Spirit. Obeying the Father empowered the Son, during His time on the earth. Jesus did not stop being God. When He was born, he became fully man as well as fully God. His birth in the shadow of the night was a light to the shadow of the Cross, and the promise of the resurrection. His birth cannot be separated from His death, resurrection and ascension to heaven, nor from the truth that He is coming back.

His birth is a gracious act of God toward all people. Grace is now available for all; such is the principle of grace and forgiveness.

Christmas is a time of justice and peace. As a result of Jesus dying on the Cross, we now have peace with God. It is through Christ that justice has been ushered in, through the Kingdom of God on earth. Jesus came as a baby and was born to be the King of Kings, and the Lord of Lord.

Brothers and sisters, Christmas is about Jesus. Let us rejoice, telling stories about Him, and let us tell the world about the One that brings the true gift to all people, God. Let us sing Carols that proclaim God and tell the story of Jesus’ birth, because God came down to us. It is through Him that we find the meaning of life.

This Christmas, I pray God will be more present in your home than ever before. May the Lord bring joy and gladness to all of your family, and console those with a heavy heart. Let us rejoice that God has brought us through a tough year. He has not abandoned us. In fact, the Lord God has been there throughout.

Merry Christmas!!!