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Josep Rossello

Author, speaker, bishop and husband.

Bishop Josep has a deep passion for life. His call is to build the church and reach the nations with the life-changing message of Jesus. Everything he teaches is grounded in God’s word and His truth.


He is the lead minister of Christ Church Exmouth, a vibrant church located in England, where he lives with his wife Patrice and their daughter, Natàlia.

As a young man, Bishop Josep Rossello made a decision to spend his life sharing with others what he had discovered to be the greatest message, the Gospel of God's Amazing Grace. 

He has invested the last 25 years doing exactly that. He has spent most of his life around the world, including over eleven years in Brazil. When he became bishop of the King's Family of Churches in 2003, it was just a small group of 6 congregations. Under his leadership, it grew to over 1,200 churches across 32 countries by 2007. 

The same transforming message that has been his mission at the King's Family of Churches is what he invested as one of the founding bishops of the 'Igreja Anglicana Reformada do Brasil' in 2009. It grew from a small group to be the first Free Church of England overseas diocese, in under ten years. He became the first Bishop of the FCE South American Diocese. He continues serving the diocese and leads Christ Church Exmouth,  England. 

His passion is to reach people for Christ, to disciple them, and to release them as they rise to their calling and embrace their destiny. He has an infectious passion for life. His passion is to build the church across the earth, to see people grow in the knowledge and grace of God, and to develop and empower a new generation of leaders.

Since his calling in 1993, Josep Rossello has taken this mission seriously taking the message of God’s grace and power to where people live around the corner or across the globe. This is being accomplished as he has gone in person to encourage and train pastors in almost 40 nations. 

Josep has written several books, and written extensively in various magazines and blogs, both in Portuguese and English.